Share the Joy of Animal Rescue With Children

Maya has wanted a dog for as long as she can remember. Just when her parents decide to buy her one, her Uncle Jerry finds a homeless puppy that he can’t keep. Although Mom is skeptical about keeping a dog from the street, she agrees to take in the pup and they name him JJ. Before long, JJ warms his way into their hearts, and Maya and her family learn about homeless animals and how they can be a part of the solution to end pet overpopulation.

Mom's Choice Award HonoreeThrough Maya’s eyes, the reader learns of alternatives to buying dogs from a breeder, or worse, from a pet store that gets dogs from puppy mills. The book addresses many aspects of the problem including stray animals, animals at shelters and rescues, what to do when you find an animal, and basic animal care.  “JJ The American Street Dog” is appealing to children five to nine years old with its colorful illustrations and six-year-old heroine. The story is exciting and uplifting, and teaches that adopting a rescue animal is a win-win. JJ gets a loving home, and Maya gets a dog that she always wanted.

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